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C U S T O M  •   O R D E R S

Hey y’all!

Due to me being a full-time Entrepreneur, part-time CNA (certified nursing assistant) on top of trying to balance between motherhood and being a wife, I run on an extremely tight schedule.

To make things a little less hectic in my world, I’m transitioning to accepting ALL PAYMENTS ELECTRONICALLY. I’ll make an exception to elderly people as of now but other than that - I do ask that if there are any customized orders you’d like me to do:

1. Contact me through Facebook, Instagram or email so we can discuss exactly what kind of design you want and the color of shirts you’d like.  (I’ll leave my contact information at the bottom.)

2. After we’ve established the design & price through whichever way you contact me, you’ll come here to finalize your payment. 

3. Once payment has been made, I’ll receive a notification from my store and then begin working on your order. 

4. At the time of checkout, there’s a small fee for shipping but if you’re local you can choose “local pickup” and it’ll be free. I’ll notify you once your order is complete and ready to be picked up. 

5. My Contact Information:

FACEBOOK - Jess Harris Creatives or jess a little shirt shop

INSTAGRAM - jess_a_little_shirt_shop



Thank you all so much for visiting my store and for also choosing to support my small business!! 💕